2023 News: What To Expect From Shop Black University & Expo Day

Shop Black Fest

We have been in the education space for Businesses since becoming an entrepreneur. Tee and Greg have always had a passion for teaching things they’ve learned and helping businesses succeed. Shop Black University, a non-profit organization, was born with the purpose of helping Black Owned businesses get the much needed education to scale their businesses and thrive in the digital age.

Shop Black University will roll out its 12 month membership later this year. We plan to host a Shop Black University Expo in each city as a companion to the festival to provide education, mindset, networking, and a host of start-ups, and small businesses with the same goals of helping your business thrive.

Expect to see trainings, workshops, speakers, panels, hot seat coaching, networking happy hours and more for our Shop Black University Expo. The first of these events will take place in Nashville Tennessee at the Scarritt Bennett Center on May 12, 2023.

Registration for this event is completely free and there are options for upgrades.