Juneteenth Festival: Join Us for a Homecoming Celebration at Shop Black Fest St. Louis on June 17th

Shop Black Fest

Shop Black Fest St. Louis: A Homecoming Celebration for Black Entrepreneurs at Kiener Plaza on June 17th

St. Louis, MO - Shop Black Fest proudly announces its upcoming event, Shop Black Fest St. Louis, taking place at Kiener Plaza on June 17th in honor of Juneteenth. With the current economic climate and the recent spotlight on social justice, supporting Black-owned businesses has never been more important. Statistics show that while Black-owned businesses are growing at an impressive rate, they still face significant challenges in accessing capital and resources.

Shop Black Fest St. Louis aims to celebrate and support these entrepreneurs while providing a fun and engaging atmosphere for the entire community.

The free event, designed as a homecoming celebration for black entrepreneurs, will feature nearly 100 businesses, live entertainment, games, food trucks, and more. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Annual Business Survey, Black-owned businesses had the highest rate of growth of any group between 2012 and 2017, increasing by 60 percent to reach over 2 million businesses. With such a significant impact on the economy, it's essential to support and promote the growth of these businesses.

Moreover, the population in St. Louis city is decreasing, creating an even greater need to support local businesses and keep them thriving. Shop Black Fest St. Louis aims to continue this trend of growth and success by providing a platform for nearly 100 local Black-owned businesses to showcase their products and services. This one-day event will offer visitors the opportunity to support Black business owners while enjoying a day filled with festivities.

In addition to the general event attractions, Shop Black Fest St. Louis is offering a limited number of VIP tickets for attendees looking to elevate their experience. VIP ticket holders will receive exclusive goodie bags, giveaways from participating business owners, and access to premium areas within the event.

By hosting this event at Kiener Plaza, Shop Black Fest St. Louis aims to bring together the local community in a central, accessible location. With its focus on supporting Black entrepreneurs and promoting economic growth, Shop Black Fest St. Louis is poised to become an annual tradition that honors the spirit of Juneteenth and fosters a sense of unity and pride among Black business owners and supporters alike.
For more information about Shop Black Fest St. Louis, visit www.shopblackfest.com